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And another BSB orgy! It’s about to go down. This time we’ve got Vadim, Brandon, Zeno, and Blake. This is an interesting mix of guys and I can’t wait to see who’s going to do what. Let’s get it in!

The boys quickly lose their clothes and pair off; Vadim with Brandon and Zeno with Blake. It’s a scene of opposites attract as the smaller boys are all over their taller counterparts. Brandon quickly gets on his knees and begins to suck Vadim’s’ dick. He gets on his knees and begins to suck Vadim’s dick. He is soon joined on the floor by Blake who wraps his juicy lips around Zeno’s thick cock. Vadim is audibly pleased; verbally letting Brandon know that he’s doing an excellent job. While getting their dicks slobbered on, Vadim and Zeno begin to kiss. The boys transition into a cock serving chow line: Blake on Brandon, Zeno on Blake, and Vadim on Zeno. I would say me on Vadim but I think my invitation got lost in the mail L

After some very filling, sausage swallowing the boys move over to the bed. Brandon bends over and offers his ass to Blake while Vadim sits right on Reno’s cock. I’ve seen a lot of great asses on BSB; but Brandon’s is quickly making it to the top of the list. That beautiful bubble ass bounces right off of Blake. While watching those fleshy gloves get worked, Vadim demands that Zeno fuck him harder. Zeno of course obliges and begins to pound those cakes from below. Wanting to join in on Vadim’s rough treatment, Brandon smacks and playfully chokes him while continuing to get his hole drilled.

Our BSB boys are always down to share. Zeno makes his way over to Blake while Brandon gives up his booty to Zeno. Vadim works Blake’s dick over with his mouth before getting bent over the bed and pummeled from behind. They transition to Vadim getting spit roasted by Brandon nad Blake, while Brandon happily sucks Zeno’s dick.

When it’s time to cum these boys CUM! They all fire their loads all over Vadim. All except for Brandon, who shot his hot jizz right into Vadim’s pretty mouth. Hell even my load hit Vadim, albeit on the screen.

Hot, hot, hot scene boys!

Check it out here!

Brandon Beal Dominates Newbie Sebastian Wilde

Brandon Beal Dominates Newbie Sebastian Wilde

The new cutie on the block, Sebastian is nervous but he’s going to have to swallow it (his nerves that is) if he wants to get paid. Brandon should be the one a little nervous because he’s all set to get his ass hammered by the new boy.

The boys kiss while playing with each other’s cocks. Sebastian gets on his knees and begins to inhale Brandon’s huge monster. I’m not going to speculate on if this guy has had cock in his mouth before but he does a damn good job of giving a blow job. He takes the entire shaft and lets it slither down his throat. This guy is cock hungry. Brandon sits him on the chair and takes his turn munching on the big sausage.

Brandon gets on the bed and offers his ass to Sebastian but there’s a problem. Sebastian doesn’t want to do it. Seriously? Brandon’s ass is yummy; I would melt right into it. Sebastian decides to bottom instead, as he can’t bring himself to fuck a dude. Sebastian is an ass virgin though. Brandon has been in this situation before, so hopefully he’ll go easy. Who am I kidding? I hope he fucks the shit out of him.

And that he does! From the back, from below, and over him, Brandon fucks Sebastian’s tight little asshole until they both blow huge loads.

Watch Brandon Beal Fuck Sebastian Wilde

Brandon Beal Fucks Sebastian Wilde

Brandon Beal Fucks Sebastian Wilde

The new cutie on the block, Sebastian is nervous but he’s going to have to swallow it (his nerves that is) if he wants to get paid. Brandon should be the one a little nervous because he’s all set to get his ass hammered by the new boy.

The boys kiss while playing with each other’s cocks. Sebastian gets on his knees and begins to inhale Brandon’s huge monster. I’m not going to speculate on if this guy has had cock in his mouth before but he does a damn good job of giving a blow job. He takes the entire shaft and lets it slither down his throat. This guy is cock hungry. Brandon sits him on the chair and takes his turn munching on the big sausage.

Brandon gets on the bed and offers his ass to Sebastian but there’s a problem. Sebastian doesn’t want to do it. Seriously? Brandon’s ass is yummy; I would melt right into it. Sebastian decides to bottom instead, as he can’t bring himself to fuck a dude. Sebastian is an ass virgin though. Brandon has been in this situation before, so hopefully he’ll go easy. Who am I kidding? I hope he fucks the shit out of him.

And that he does! From the back, from below, and over him, Brandon fucks Sebastian’s tight little asshole until they both blow huge loads.

Brandon Beal Fucks Sebastian Wilde


Brandon and Damien waste no time with introductory talk in this most recent update. If either hottie were in your bedroom, how much time would you spend with conversating? LOL! The pair are kissing, sharing some tongues. Shirts are removed, then pants. OMG!! Look at the curve of Brandon’s sweet ass! LOL! Brandon stops, looks at Damien, and gives him a slap. Brandon’s pimp hand isn’t brutal, but forceful enough to show Damien who is in charge.


He pushes Damien on the bed and straddles his face. That hard meat hovers for a moment before Damien opens wide. Brandon face fucks his partner, trying to have his balls touch chin. Damien gets some kisses for his his efforts. Brandon then pulls Damien to the side of the bed. He puts some lube on his finger, and starts to feel up that man pussy. Brandon then opens wide and sucks Damien’s rod. Damien loves his hole being teased and his dick getting sucked.


Damien is turned on his stomach. Brandon places lube on his meat, and parts those two ass cheeks. From the start the fucking is balls deep and poor Damien can only whimper. Brandon slaps a butt cheek to remind Damien who owns that booty.  “Fuck me harder,” Damien groans. When Brandon does so, the resident bottom just holds on to the bed. It’s like he’s hoping there will be relief from the pain. Brandon doesn’t want him to have any respite. He just wants Damien to feel every inch of his rod.  There’s another round of smooching, then Damien decides it’s time he do some riding.


Brandon gets on his back and Damien straddles the pole. He sits down and goes back up, his own cock bobbing all over the place. His cheeks are scratching Brandon’s pubes. “You like that,” Damien wonders. “Oh, yeah,” the top stud replies.  Moans and the sound of skin against skin fill the studio. “Ride that cock,” Brandon orders.


Damien gets on his side and Brandon resumes control. “Fuck me,” Damien moans.  Brandon does. Fast and hard. His face is starting to get shiny from all the effort. Damien’s special spot can stand only so much pounding. His man milk jumps out, landing on his stomach, chest, and the sheets.  Brandon pulls out and jerks his tool over Damien’s open wide mouth. Jizz hits Damien’s tongue, and he licks up the rest from Brandon’s wick.  Brandon leaves some kisses on Damien’s shoulder and the scene ends.

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Brandon Beal & Damien Kyle 

Brandon Beal and Spencer Todd have a history together. They become BSB models around the same time, and Brandon was one of Spencer’s first forays into the pleasures of  male flesh. They are reunited today, and Brandon’s perky booty will be fucked by Spencer. Brandon isn’t feeling too happy about that. ”Not too excited, but I need the money,” he says to the cameraman.”It’s about the money,” Spencer responds. Brandon gives a “smile.” LOL!

The two lads strip. Once naked, Spencer sucks first. He licks up and down Brandon’s rod, trying to get it fat and plump. His tongue does the trick, and Brandon sits back
and moans. Spencer works overtime in his blowing duties. Look how his throat muscles contract. The red head breathes loudly through his nose. When he comes up, Brandon gives him a kiss for his efforts. It’s Brandon’s turn to suck dick. He swallows all of the “Red Rocket.” ”Oh, yeah,” Spencer moans.

That tool stretches poor Brandon’s mouth to the limit. Imagine what it will do to his tight, pink, hole? Spit coats Spencer’s johnson. His red toes curl from all the
oral attention. There’s a quick kiss before Brandon gets on his back. Spencer puts lube on his rocket, and Brandon sticks some in his boy hole. Spencer works his tool in and starts fucking. The strokes are long and deep. Brandon is being deep dicked like never before. He can’t decide if he hates or loves it. ”Take it,” Spencer commands.

Spencer gets on his side, right behind Brandon. He refills that booty with his meat, balls to the wall with each stroke. Brandon takes each hit to his joy button, never asking the
Red Rocket to slow down. ”Pound my hole,” Brandon whispers. Who doesn’t groove to a bossy bottom who gets off on being fucked real good?  There’s another lip smack before Brandon gets on his stomach. Those pearly cheeks jiggle with each down stroke.  ”Oh, fuck me,” Brandon whimpers. ”Take it,” Spencer responds.

The Red Rocket is getting close, the pounding starting to echo in the studio. When he pulls out to jerk his meat, the first shot of jizz covers Brandon’s hole. The remaining
covers those succulent cheeks. Brandon turns on his back and strokes an impressive load that covers his abs. ”That was a pretty good fuck, guys,” the cameraman says.
Who is going to disagree?

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Spencer Todd & Brandon Beal

Didn’t you smile when you saw Brandon Beal was in today’s update? Didn’t you get a woody after hearing the cameraman say the following to the hottie: ”Any day Brandon gets fucked is a good day,” the cameraman observes. “For some people. Maybe not for you.” Can’t complain when Brandon tops, but let’s be honest. His azz is meant to be explored. So nice, round, and fully packed! LOL! While we might like Brandon putting his legs in the air, he has doubts. Especially considering the size of Sonny’s dick. Sonny is glad to be back.

He’s not been doing much. No lady love, alas.”Too single,” Sonny says. Brandon is having a “dry season” when it comes to the ladies, which is really crazy! What gal wouldn’t want to bed him? The two get out of their clothes and jump on the bed. Brandon sucks meat first, getting Sonny all excited. That tool stretches Brandon’s mouth to the max.”Oh, shit,” Brandon whispers. Sonny pushes Brandon’s head down, trying to make him take more cock. Brandon can only get half way down. ”Damn. That’s big,” Brandon notes. Sucking noises fill the studio. Those and Sonny’s heavy breathing. Doesn’t Sonny look cute with his mouth open?

“Show me what you can do,” Brandon says. ”That I will,” Sonny replies. Brandon gets on his hands and knees. Sonny puts on a condom and some lube. The moment his tool hits Brandon’s hole, the boy with the sweet booty begins to moan. ”Damn that’s big,” Brandon whimpers.
Sonny long dicks from the start. Brandon takes every inch of the mighty shaft. He holds on the bed and holds on as Sonny fucks like a beast. ”You like that tight little hole,” Brandon asks. ”I love it,” Sonny answers. Who wouldn’t? LOL! Sonny grabs a pale butt cheek and pounds away. Brandon gets on his side, his own johnson stiff and hard. Sonny returns to breaking Brandon in. Brandon beats his meat as he  gets stuffed, a leg held in the air.

“Oh, my god,” he moans.The boys change positions one last time. Brandon’s legs straight in the air. Sonny grabs both calves and returns to fucking. ”I love your tight ass,” Sonny notes. ”Yeah? Fuck that ass, bro,” Brandon replies. Brandon demands to be be pounded and Sonny obliges. The bottom closes his eyes and let’s Sonny do what he likes. Soon enough, Brandon busts a nut. His man cream lands all over his stomach. “I like that,” Sonny says, as he keeps pumping away.

Finally, he takes his tool out and strokes for his load. Sonny’s jizz first strikes Brandon’s chest. ”That was amazing,” Sonny says.”Yeah, I know. Right,” Brandon adds. Hard to disagree.

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Sonny & Brandon Beal


There’s something special about two cornfed country boys sitting on a bed together. In this latest BSB Update Griffin’s ass is getting severely pounded and Brandon Beal’s big thick cock will be doing said pounding! Griffin is a bit nervous about sitting on Brandon’s cock, he’s a little intimidated by the sheer girth of Brandon’s monster.

Brandon offers the best advice about getting busted.

“It sucks at first. Relax, and it happens. Then you get it over with,” Brandon offers.

Another motto in the making! LOL!

The two strip. When the clothes are gone, Griffin sucks first. He tugs at Brandon’s bone, getting it hard and stiff.

“Oh, yeah,” Brandon encourages.

Griffin gets into it, stroking his own tool. He laps Brandon’s nuts and deep throats. Sure he gags, but he doesn’t let that keep him away from his duty. Want to know how sexed up Griffin is? His toes are curling as he’s sucking.

“All right. My turn,” Brandon says.

He puts his head in Griffin’s lap and blows away. Griffin’s shaft gets all shiny with spit.

“Oh, shit dude,” Griffin moans.

Soon enough, it’s time for the main event. Griffin gets on his hands and knees. Brandon puts lube on his tube steak. When he his head gets in the hole, Griffin’s body shakes from the shock. Soon it’s ball deep stroking, with Griffin holding on. The sound of skin against skin fills the studio.

“Oh, my God,” Griffin whimpers.

He might be feeling some pain, but his dick tells the story. It is sticking straight out.

Griffin gets on his back, those fine hairy legs in the air. Brandon gets his johnson back in. He even jerks Griffin’s big ol’ cock. Brandon pulls Griffin’s thighs apart so he can get more booty.

“Take that dick,” Brandon commands.

Griffin’s joy button can take only so much pounding. The sexy lad shoots so hard he almost gets a self facial.

Brandon stands over Griffin, whose soft tongue is sticking out. When the top stud nuts, his load lands on Griffin’s tongue and mouth.

“Now swallow for me,” Brandon says.

The bottom boy gulps all the man nectar down. Delicious!

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Brandon Beal & Griffin Matthews

Happy 4th of July! In honor of this great day in American history we wanted to share two sexy All-American Broke Straight Boys!
Check out this oldie but goodie featuring Johnny Forza and Brandon Beal!

Who doesn’t like a revenge fuck? In today’s update Brandon Beal gets a chance to give Johnny Forza a meat injection.

“It’s my turn now,” Brandon said with an evil grin.

Johnny looks slightly nervous, but a fat wallet makes a straight guy do close to anything! :-) Because these two are BSB pros, there’s not much chitchat. Clothes are removed, and the two stand naked for a few seconds. Johnny has more definition, but Brandon is no slouch in the muscle department.

They get on the bed and Brandon sucks first (ignore the storm sounds in the background…LOL). After a few slurps, Johnny is murmuring encouragement.

“Oh, yeah,” Johnny says. “Oh, god.”

Brandon’s mouth overflows with New Jersey beef. He’s doing something right because Johnny’s toes stretch out. Brandon deep throats that Garden State hose, causing Johnny to moan to the gods. Sounds of sucking and slurping mix in with the wind blowing outside.

Johnny has a go at licking Brandon’s beef. Brandon wants his NJ stud to swallow as much as possible, so he pushes his head down. The sucking, alas, doesn’t last for long.

“Ready for this,” Brandon asks.

Johnny just nods his head. He stands up as Brandon lubes up. Johnny straddles his scene partner and moans the moment that raw dick touches his hole. He grabs his cheeks and gently rides Brandon’s dick. Brandon gives him a kiss for all the effort.

“Oh, fuck,” Johnny groans as Brandon takes more control of the screwing.

There’s a closeup of Johnny’s pale cheeks as they are pierced by Brandon. You won’t find a better sight! LOL! Johnny gets on his side and Brandon returns to fucking. The strokes are slow and powerful. They are also balls deep. Poor Johnny. He grits his teeth and moans, but his dick is hard. The pleasure overcomes the pain.

Pain or no, Brandon grooves to that ass.

“You like that dick,” he wonders.

Johnny’s answer is muffled by the pillow he’s biting. Does anyone really think Brandon cares about his partner’s response? :-)

Johnny gets on his back and Brandon rides on home. The stroking gets faster and Johnny begins to jerk his own dick. Skin smacking skin drowns out all other noises. Brandon even begins to grunt. Those jabs to his special spot prove too much for Johnny. His load explodes, landing on his chest and stomach. Brandon takes a few stabs in that man hole but pulls out. His cum shoots out and covers Johnny’s stomach.

Brandon has a surprise for his partner. He sticks his still solid dick in Johnny’s still wet hole. The shock causes the NJ stud’s body to shake.

Johnny still isn’t “digging” all this butt sex. That’s OK. We are. LOL!

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Johnny Forza & Bradon Beal

This scene is from BSB heaven. Brandon Beale, Blake Bennet and Johnny Forza in a raw three-way. And guess who will play the role of the pass around bottom? The cute boy sitting between Brandon and Johnny.

Johnny is the only one who has experienced a trio off camera (with some lucky ladies). He is confused by the question, however. “It’s late,” he whines when he gets the cameraman was asking about trios with the opposite sex. “Don’t be a bitch,” Blake observes. Not an expert in these matters, but is that the type of comment the meat in a man sandwich should be asking? However, Blake does come up with his new nickname. “Bottoming Blake Bennet bare backs,” he says with his trademark smile. All three stand up and strip. Johnny is wearing what he calls his “blow-job pants.”

“Easy access,” Blake asks. “Are you a little nervous, Blake,” the cameraman wonders. “Yeah. Are you kidding me,” Blake responds. “The other two have smiles on their faces,” the cameraman observes. “Because we’re not him,” Johnny says pointing to Blake. “Yeah, exactly,” Brandon adds. They pull off their underwear and show their booties to the camera. Cheeks are wiggled, but Brandon observes his ass movement can only go so far because “he’s not that black.” “Racist,” Blake whispers. With the anthropological observations about ass shaking out of the way, the boys get busy. They sit down again, with Blake in the middle. He leans over and sucks Johnny while Brandon sucks Blake. Hasn’t Blake transformed into an enthusiastic dick sucker?

He sticks his tongue out and smacks it with Johnny’s meat. As for Brandon, he is all about the deep throat. He swallows Blake whole. Johnny just leans back and enjoys the show. :-) Moans and slurps are the only things heard. Blake sits up and wipes the tears from his eyes. All the pole swallowing takes work. He goes down on Brandon and Johnny gets to blow Blake for awhile. Johnny keeps his mouth on Blake’s bloated head. As for Blake, he makes sure Brandon’s tool receives its fair amount of drool. It will need to be slick, considering where it will be going!

“It’s time for a little spit roast,” Johnny says to Brandon. “All right,” he cheerfully replies. Blake puts lube in his hole. Johnny sits on the couch and across from, in the chair, is Brandon. Blake slowly sits on Johnny’s joint. “Oh, fuck,” Blake groans. He leans over and sucks Brandon, but keeps cursing every time his special spot is hit by Johnny’s shaft. His going balls deep, making Blake’s ass brand new. Brandon grabs Blake’s head to keep it where it belongs. “Oh, fuck man,” Blake moans. He grabs the chair as Johnny’s strokes get more forceful. By this time Johnny isn’t even the couch. He’s in the air, his hands grabbing Blake’s ass. He even gives those cute cheeks a few slaps for good measure. “Hey, Johnny,” Brandon asks. “Let me get a piece of that ass.” Being a generous and kind dude, Johnny pulls out. He takes a seat in the chair, and Blake sits on Johnny’s lap. He pulls his legs up, and Brandon gets in one long stroke. Immediately it’s balls deep. “Oh, fuck,” Blake whimpers. Brandon’s thrusting must be hitting that joy button because Blake’s toes curl on themselves! LOL! “Keep fucking him,” Johnny orders. It doesn’t look like Brandon is going to stop. “Fuck that ass,” Johnny commands. Brandon is treating that ass like it’s moist pussy.

“Oh, fuck me.” Blake whimpers. Johnny gets back in, after Brandon pulls out. Poor Blake. His hole can’t seem to get any rest from all of this stuffing. “Fuck me dude,” Blake pleads. As he gets filled, he shoots a load with the help of Brandon’s hand. As for Brandon his own nectar explosion soon follows. Johnny pulls out and strokes his nut. The juice lands right above Blake’s hole. Brandon rubs it in. “Fuck, I had to do everything,” Blake observes. And you did it well, Blake. You did it well.



Lucas Weston and Brandon Beal are the star’s of today’s update. Brandon will offer his phat booty for some raw exploration. A normal person would humbly, and gratefully, accept this gift. However, this is Mr. Lucas we are talking about. So he starts with his standard histrionics.

“I really hate the idea of fucking a guy’s asshole,” he says to the cameraman. “I don’t like it.”

“You’ll manage. You’ll manage,” Brandon reassures.

Lucas isn’t having any of that. Even offers a biology lesson of what the ass is used for.

“I feel like I’m gay or something doing that,” he opines.

When the conversation turns to what will be done with the money, Lucas explains he is on his own. He was living with his father, but Poppa Weston found out how Lucas pays the bills.

“He was kind of a dick about where I got the money,” Lucas explains. “He called me a faggot and hoped I died an AIDS ridden faggot.”

“A loving father,” Brandon notes.

Considering the boy’s background, we might need to cut Lucas some slack when he goes melodramatic.

Onto less heavy topics, the cameraman observes Brandon looks like he’s been hitting the gym. The cute stud won’t answer, but he flexes his chest. He needs to stop his hotness right now!!

The two get on the bed, and remove their underwear. Lucas sucks first and for a dude who hates it, he sure knows what to do.

“Yeah, slobber all over it,” Brandon suggests.

Lucas does so. He gags for effect, but his own tool stays hard. Brandon pushes him down, making Lucas take as much meat as possible. He rubs Brandon’s balls as effort tears appear.

After whining about a tired mouth, Brandon takes over. He shows how easy it is to deep throat (minus hysteria).

“Fucking take it,” Lucas moans.

Brandon spits all over the sausage, getting it wet and slick. Hopefully Lucas takes notes. LOL! When asked how Brandon is doing, the boy with the curled toes offers the funniest line in BSB history.

“It’s intense,” Lucas opines. “It’s really fucking intense. I wouldn’t call it good. It’s a little bit too strong.”

Anybody want to deconstruct that? :-)

It’s fucking time. Brandon on all fours, and Lucas lubing up. Brandon’s backside has always been better than perfect, and the camera shows it in full glory. Lucas enters raw and fucks ball deeps. Brandon puts his face flat down and takes everything. His cheeks shake from each stroke.

“Fuck my asshole,” Brandon orders.

Lucas slaps a cheek and fucks with more force. Brandon moans louder, but takes what Lucas is giving. Lucas plays the role of demanding top, but we all know a true bottom can’t hide who he is. LOL! There’s another smack of Brandon’s cheeks. The bottom just grabs the edge of the bed.

Brandon gets on his back, putting those fine legs in the air. Lucas gives a slap or two, but they are harmless taps.

“Take that fucking dick,” he orders.

The fucking pace picks up. Brandon is beating his meat with furious anger (grin). His jizz sputters out, coating his stomach. Lucas keeps pumping away until he has had “enough.”

“Get your fucking ass out of my face,” he demands, pushing Brandon away. Is there a clearer sign of Lucas’ cray cray ways? Would you push Brandon out of your bed? :-)

Brandon just laughs and gives the “disgusted” top a seal of approval. When asked how he feels, Lucas repeats a line from Weston the elder.

“I feel like a fucking faggot.”

When pushed for a fuller answer, he offers the second funniest line in BSB history.

“It did feel good but I still feel like a fucking faggot.”